Photography is my profession and my passion..

This journey started at the age of 14, when I bought my first camera which was a cheap Russian camera : The Great Lubitel!! All of a sudden with my high school friends we became alchemists!! We started to explore the light, the form and its contents. Long debates whether Photography is a form of Art or not, whether it is a form of expression or not…

We all agreed that it was ….. pure magic.

Growing up in the amazing Greek light made it even more so! I took this magic very seriously and I decided to study it and I dedicated myself to it.. I spent endless nights in the darkroom trying to come close to the Great Masters of Photography, thousands of hours waiting for the good light and the right moment.

I also got lucky : I had great mentors, met and worked with inspiring people, awesome magazines right from their very beginning, glamorous moments, travels to wonderful places and great friendships….

What you are about to see in my website is a selection of personal and professional moments. Whether it is a photo of a super model in Paris for a high fashion magazine or a street musician in the port of Capetown, its all about one thing :

The magic power of photography in my life.